Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The untried blogger

It's NYE, you're at a party with all your loved ones. A drink in one hand, the other interlinked with a friend as you scream the countdown and get ready to embrace the new year and all it may bring.

That's how I should have spent my new year. Instead, I stayed in, watched the fireworks, ate biscuits then went out to pick up drunk parents. Consequently I decided this year I needed to sort my life out: cue the blog. Obviously it's March now, and any simpleton can tell that so far my resolution (one of many) has not got off to a good start. But that is about to end.

Tomorrow is the launch of Marni's line at H&M, and will go down as a day in history when nearly all people can afford to buy this line. Its femininity and innocence calls out to your inner woman, whilst the mens line boasts sharpness.

This is the blog of Bright City Lights, a 19 year old student with a lust for music, fashion, alcohol and all things sweet. Welcome.
Enjoy the full moon tonight, won't you.

Goodnight gorgeous,

bright city lights

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  1. I'm a big fan of Marni and so glad they did a collaboration with Target! xoxoxo