Friday, 9 March 2012

The groupie

So I have discovered, that the toughest part of creating a blog, is actually deciding what I want to write about. I mean, there are hundreds of 'fashion' blogs, that do exactly the same thing (post pictures of new lines, discuss why they love them and sometimes give their high-street alternative). There are the 'tragic lifestory' blogs, that discuss why they hate their lives and what has happened this week for them to want to crawl into a hole. And then there are the 'look at me i'm so quirky' blogs, that publish pictures of themselves  for people to fawn over.

It's not that I don't enjoy all three of the above, in fact, I do! It's just that they have been done so many times. I want to create some new way of keeping people amused, whilst enjoying blogging about it. So for the moment, I think I will have a bit of all three, mixed in with my love of music - because what edgy blogger could be an edgy blogger without loving some underground, unpredictable, original music, right? Well I guess it's lucky my boyfriend & some of my best friends are in a band then (without wanting to sound too groupie-esque).

bright city lights

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  1. It's true, most blogs are the same, but you can only be yourself, right?