Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sick of this English weather..

Consumed this week:

Packs of biscuits: 1
Chocolate bars: 5
Cups of tea: 10
Tubs of Chocolate Philadelphia: 1/2 (so far..)
(Hours in the gym: 3)

This week was the first official week of Spring, and it really did get quite warm! Well, for England anyway. My trusty iPhone informed me that it was 17 degrees on Thursday, which is practically English BBQ weather, and the ice-cream man even emerged on my University campus (yes, there were people queuing for miles).
I have a lot of end of term assignment-y stuff to be doing at the moment, but can't quite seem to really knuckle down and do it all! I'm going to try to get all my work done this week, so won't be blogging as often as there's just too many distractions.. the kitchen is the worst. Well, that and blogs!

Easter is nearly here though! Which means two weeks of work, then one week skiing for me! Tres excited to be leaving the country for a little while, and it should be a highly amusing week for us.
I'll leave you with some pictures that summarise my week:


bright city lights

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