Saturday, 10 March 2012

The trials and tribulations of being a student

Consumed this week:
Bottles of cheap wine: 2 1/2
Chocolate bars: 2 1/2
Pasta/ rice dish: 6
Cups of tea: 16 (It's a British thing)

To follow up on the Marni line that was released at at H&M: It sold out in practically a day. When I say practically, I mean I couldn't get on the website from 8:30am until 5:00pm, by which time there were five items left in the women's line (typically, none of which were my size, which was just as well really considering I'm a broke student!)
I think it is fair to say then, that the line was a success, much like the last time H&M had a guest designer. ELLE magazine reported from the queues outside the shop before it was even opened, to announce that even other designers were longingly waiting outside the doors of H&M to be let in.
Note to self: Next time, do not wake up and sit at laptop at 8:30 - GO TO THE STORE!

This week I am also in love with 'Cold', by Blood Red Shoes. It's catchy,  rocky and reminds me slightly of 'The Pretty Reckless' in summer 2010 (the summer I drank way too much, way too often in an attempt to drown my sorrows after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me... In a good way?). They have already released two albums, however, their next album, which this single has been taken from, promises to be extremely exciting.

Also on the music front this week I have found out that my boyfriend's band's single has been used as music for what I believe could almost be called pornography. It involves an FHM model wearing very little whilst prancing about. Congratulations to them hay? (I hope his expectations haven't risen after watching it...)


I like to swim. I don't think I've mentioned that before? Well, yes. Today I went on a long trip to up North for a gala. It was really fun, we all swam well and as a team came 5th nationally in the B final (so like, 15th nationally?) BUT. Ohh yes - there is a but. On the way home, the driver tried to take a 'short cut'.
This short cut lasted 6 hours (for a 2.5/ 3 hour journey).


In other news my fashion journalism course has been going really well, as has limiting my spending! However, there is a food thief in our flat. We suspect it is the girl that appears to have moved in to one of our chinese flatmates' room. Bitch. Will keep you updated on this matter.


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  1. Im studying Fashion Journalism as well!
    and I get the food theif situation. Buy Your own!! haha.