Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spice up your life

Last week I purchased a new pair of platformed (yes, I did) high-top trainers. I've been slightly tentative with the whole creepers look, however I just couldn't say no to these. Inspired by some HUGE platformed converse-type trainers I found on eBay (here), I grabbed myself a cheap replica(ish) version from New-Look. Can you blame me though? SO baby spice, and who ever thought that look would come back around? (Well, I didn't anyway..) They aren't very daring, however, they're higher than normal Converse and I think that is platformed enough for a trainer I intend to wear!

I also bought two small sleeveless blouses from H&M (you just can't go wrong!). They're really delicate and pretty, and are suited to the recent weather we've had in England!

Still slugging on with the Uni work.. Over half way there now, and I can go home on Thursday! Can't wait to escape the academic world!

Hope you're having a lovely week,

bright city lights

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sick of this English weather..

Consumed this week:

Packs of biscuits: 1
Chocolate bars: 5
Cups of tea: 10
Tubs of Chocolate Philadelphia: 1/2 (so far..)
(Hours in the gym: 3)

This week was the first official week of Spring, and it really did get quite warm! Well, for England anyway. My trusty iPhone informed me that it was 17 degrees on Thursday, which is practically English BBQ weather, and the ice-cream man even emerged on my University campus (yes, there were people queuing for miles).
I have a lot of end of term assignment-y stuff to be doing at the moment, but can't quite seem to really knuckle down and do it all! I'm going to try to get all my work done this week, so won't be blogging as often as there's just too many distractions.. the kitchen is the worst. Well, that and blogs!

Easter is nearly here though! Which means two weeks of work, then one week skiing for me! Tres excited to be leaving the country for a little while, and it should be a highly amusing week for us.
I'll leave you with some pictures that summarise my week:


bright city lights

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guilty pleasure

So before now, my boyfriend has accused me of having a Katy Perry fetish. Well, since she divorced Russell Brand (who I equally, and weirdly fancy) I can't get enough of her. It's love x 10.
First a pinky blonde bob, now electric blue hair. Stealing the show at Paris fashion week in her fiery dress and talking about her (and I quote) "perky" boobs on Radio One. I can't get enough, and I'm not entirely sure why, as she isn't my normal music taste, but it might have something to do with all this:

As usual KP sticks with her quirky style, whilst never straying from the seasons looks. She encompasses the S/S12 feminine pastel colours whilst managing to wear Grease-Lightning-esque shoes with a dress to match. Who else could pull this off? Never mind the blue hair.
So although I'm sad KP & RB are no longer an item, it has clearly done wonders for Miss. Perry. I'll leave you with her attempt at Jay Z & Kanye West's 'N***as In Paris', which is, if nothing else, highly entertaining:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Barbie on the brain

I'm feeling rather refreshed today after my 9 o' clock start followed by a gym session.
I've been having to research Barbie recently, for a presentation on an American Icon (no, I did not have a say in the matter) and felt like sharing some of the weird/ interesting stuff I have stumbled across on the internet!

(P.S. Food thief is still thieving)

bright city lights

Monday, 19 March 2012

Feeling inspired

Here are two of my sisters drawings which are part of her 'Dreams and Nightmares' project for art that I wanted to share quickly:

Hope you don't have nightmares like these!

bright city lights

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Is it a bad thing when your 'to do' list is a shopping list?

Consumed within the last three days:
Bottles of vodka: 1
Sambuca shots: 2
Double vodka lemonades: 4
Sandwiches: 5
Cups of tea: 4
(Hours of travelling: 9)

It's been a busy week, what with travelling backwards and forwards between home and uni. But I'm back home for now, for a work training day and Mothers Day.
Being home means I get my Elle magazine (yay!) and to see my family, boyfriend and gorgeous pets. I have chosen some of my favourite pictures from one of the editorials in the April edition of Elle, modelled by Alexandra Tomlinson, photographed by David Vasiljevic.

P.S. The food thief is still at large in our flat. Very glad to have escaped them for a while!
Hope everyone is having a good week.

bright city lights

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Enjoying the view

Consumed within the last two days:
Bananas: 6
Packs of strawberries: 1
Pasta/ rice dishes: 0 (woohoo!)
Cups of tea: 5

Today I rediscovered:

I've created a Bloglovin account to make it easier for you to follow my blog. The link is just to the right, and you can choose your favourite blogs to follow!

Today I'm travelling back home to do some recording for my boyfriend's band's EP. I should probably tell you their name. It's Massmatiks. They're a math-rock, indie sound with influences from tons of genres, so I'm really excited to be part of making their EP, especially considering the success of their first single.
I'm missing a history lecture, but I'm sure that doesn't really matter considering I don't even study history, it was just a module choice. At least, that's what I'm telling myself..

So I've run out of money, so much so that I have not been out all of last week, and have not been able to buy myself chocolate (apart from the 2 bars last week that I 'found' some change for). This has not stopped me from my online browsing though, in preparation for when I do get some money. Food is so overrated in comparison to these babies:

Marni at H&M

Steve Madden

I'm still not feeling very summery because the weather seems to be playing tricks with us, so these shoes appeal to me in the cold weather ( Plus the Steve Maddens also look like some Miu Miu heels that I will never be able to afford). But this is England after all, we only have about a month of summer, so these purchases are totally justified!
On the off chance summer does decide to emerge however, I look forward to being able to wear these:

Forever 21




Have a lovely day all,

bright city lights

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The trials and tribulations of being a student

Consumed this week:
Bottles of cheap wine: 2 1/2
Chocolate bars: 2 1/2
Pasta/ rice dish: 6
Cups of tea: 16 (It's a British thing)

To follow up on the Marni line that was released at at H&M: It sold out in practically a day. When I say practically, I mean I couldn't get on the website from 8:30am until 5:00pm, by which time there were five items left in the women's line (typically, none of which were my size, which was just as well really considering I'm a broke student!)
I think it is fair to say then, that the line was a success, much like the last time H&M had a guest designer. ELLE magazine reported from the queues outside the shop before it was even opened, to announce that even other designers were longingly waiting outside the doors of H&M to be let in.
Note to self: Next time, do not wake up and sit at laptop at 8:30 - GO TO THE STORE!

This week I am also in love with 'Cold', by Blood Red Shoes. It's catchy,  rocky and reminds me slightly of 'The Pretty Reckless' in summer 2010 (the summer I drank way too much, way too often in an attempt to drown my sorrows after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me... In a good way?). They have already released two albums, however, their next album, which this single has been taken from, promises to be extremely exciting.

Also on the music front this week I have found out that my boyfriend's band's single has been used as music for what I believe could almost be called pornography. It involves an FHM model wearing very little whilst prancing about. Congratulations to them hay? (I hope his expectations haven't risen after watching it...)


I like to swim. I don't think I've mentioned that before? Well, yes. Today I went on a long trip to up North for a gala. It was really fun, we all swam well and as a team came 5th nationally in the B final (so like, 15th nationally?) BUT. Ohh yes - there is a but. On the way home, the driver tried to take a 'short cut'.
This short cut lasted 6 hours (for a 2.5/ 3 hour journey).


In other news my fashion journalism course has been going really well, as has limiting my spending! However, there is a food thief in our flat. We suspect it is the girl that appears to have moved in to one of our chinese flatmates' room. Bitch. Will keep you updated on this matter.


bright city lights

Friday, 9 March 2012

The groupie

So I have discovered, that the toughest part of creating a blog, is actually deciding what I want to write about. I mean, there are hundreds of 'fashion' blogs, that do exactly the same thing (post pictures of new lines, discuss why they love them and sometimes give their high-street alternative). There are the 'tragic lifestory' blogs, that discuss why they hate their lives and what has happened this week for them to want to crawl into a hole. And then there are the 'look at me i'm so quirky' blogs, that publish pictures of themselves  for people to fawn over.

It's not that I don't enjoy all three of the above, in fact, I do! It's just that they have been done so many times. I want to create some new way of keeping people amused, whilst enjoying blogging about it. So for the moment, I think I will have a bit of all three, mixed in with my love of music - because what edgy blogger could be an edgy blogger without loving some underground, unpredictable, original music, right? Well I guess it's lucky my boyfriend & some of my best friends are in a band then (without wanting to sound too groupie-esque).

bright city lights

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The untried blogger

It's NYE, you're at a party with all your loved ones. A drink in one hand, the other interlinked with a friend as you scream the countdown and get ready to embrace the new year and all it may bring.

That's how I should have spent my new year. Instead, I stayed in, watched the fireworks, ate biscuits then went out to pick up drunk parents. Consequently I decided this year I needed to sort my life out: cue the blog. Obviously it's March now, and any simpleton can tell that so far my resolution (one of many) has not got off to a good start. But that is about to end.

Tomorrow is the launch of Marni's line at H&M, and will go down as a day in history when nearly all people can afford to buy this line. Its femininity and innocence calls out to your inner woman, whilst the mens line boasts sharpness.

This is the blog of Bright City Lights, a 19 year old student with a lust for music, fashion, alcohol and all things sweet. Welcome.
Enjoy the full moon tonight, won't you.

Goodnight gorgeous,

bright city lights