Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A quick catchup!

Hi there!

Sorry for the serious lack of blogging recently. Life has been rather hectic, what with finishing assignments, coming home from uni, taking friends to the airport and starting my Easter job. I barely get time to see anyone, let alone come back and write a post. Tonight has been the first night I've been able to sit down properly. So obviously, I grabbed a cuppa, after a massive dinner, and shoved on the latest Gossip Girl.

I've loved being home to see everyone, especially some certain boys in my life:

These, are my beautiful doggies, and cat. I have missed them sitting with me all day, and giving them treats. I don't know how my cat isn't obese if I'm honest, and he's just turning into the teenager cat that enjoys bringing dead animals in (we had 4 in one morning recently).

Whilst waiting for my (very kind) Mother to come and collect me and a friend from uni, I decided to paint my nails when packing things away. It was a beautiful day, the hottest of the year so far to be precise! And I spent the majority of it in a car travelling home!

The weather has been so flippant, I've gone from digging out my trusty flip-flops, to wearing boots and trainers again! I wish it would just stay warm! I bought a lovely denim jacket for when it does decide to stay hot!

I am going to make a conscious effort to keep the blogging up, regardless of how busy my life has suddenly become, as well as the fact that I am considering going to bed at 8:30pm!! Oh dear!

bright city lights

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